Destiny Retirement Communities

At Destiny, we strive to bring a new and better life for the people we serve. Managing the operations of senior care facilities requires careful planning, expert staffing, attention to details and a heart to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Destiny has operated a variety of senior care residential facilities, including independent living, assisted living and memory care services. We manage the daily operations of onsite staff, client activities, handle paperwork, accounting, ensure licensing and legal requirements are met and provide sales and marketing services.

Destiny operates three types of community setting tailored to the needs of seniors. There are Independent Living Communities, Assisted Living Communities and Skilled Living Communities, each offering a level of care to meet the needs of each individually.

Destiny was formed with a mission to bring a new level of care to the senior housing industry. We carry a variety of special operations under one roof to improve business performance while maintaining a satisfying living experience for the residents. Senior care is complicated and has many facets; including, establishing the general atmosphere, providing satisfying meals, delivering engaging activities, providing comprehensive medical care, delivering responsiveness to issues, employee engagement with the residents, creating a purposeful life while at the community, continued social interaction and many more.

Thoughts That Guide Our Actions

  • Love what you do

  • Walk the talk

  • Be confident in thought and action

  • Look for solutions to problems

  • Work seriously, but have fun

  • Treat everyone with respect

DirectMed Health Services

DirectMed Health Services is a support vehicle in three categories of medical care.

DirectMed Health Services is responsible for the integration of medical services between a Doctor and a Patient by (i) the company operates and maintains physical facilities to ensure that the proper environment exists for the delivery of care; (ii) the company oversees and coordinates the services with the appropriate responsible party for the payment and/or reimbursement to ensure that each client is adequately insured and represented in the medical services payment arena; and, (iii) the company oversees that adequate support staff are available through the coordination of ongoing training and certification programs - in conjunction with the designated educational and credentialing institutions. The training operations may include nursing and professional staff field operations and administrative staff training.

The company delivers services within the following areas of support:

  • Administration, billing and collection

  • Facilities management

  • Education and research support

  • Medical practice support including prescription drugs and physical therapy

  • Future growth anticipated in the areas of medical equipment, and medical technology