Our Mission and Vision

The Azure Capital Group is an organization that creates safe and stable living environments.

The Company business and philosophy are rooted in creating access to products and services that produce a pleasant lifestyle experience. Our goal is to create the safe and stable living environments by solving problems that exist in our industries. This is accomplished by supporting the four pillars of business; (i) by providing clients with quality service; (ii) by providing partners with superior returns; (iii) by providing associates with fulfilling and dynamic careers; and, (iv) by providing the community with service through active civic involvement.

Our organization prides itself on being a cutting-edge business with a global vision that is operated in a family enterprise setting. We believe that business practices must be conducted in harmony with an absolute need to help people while maintaining a healthy corporate environment. We believe that every person is governed by an internal drive that sets their ambitions with a goal to do good. Whether this is derived from a moral and ethical basis or a religious conviction, the result is the same; a person’s behavior is tied to their belief system. Everyone in the Azure enterprises shares a belief that our efforts need to be focused on providing safe and stable environments through relevant products and services delivered to our clients.

Our Team

Our Management team originated the unique concept that underlies our approach to reinventing the senior housing and medical services industries. Our founder has a background that includes formal education and training in law and finance; his experience comes from acting as a Managing Partner in a Law Firm, with a practice in finance and real estate, and as a Principle in an NASD/FINRA Broker-Dealer having conducted over $1.35 billion in transactions. Our experience in Real Estate matters is extensive, including “hands-on” development as a principal, as a financier and as legal advisors in transactions. Our Operations experience includes formal licensing as senior housing licensees and pharmacy owners. Our development experience includes formal licensing in the architectural and construction industries.